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The Crimson Flame

Defenders of Azeroth

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Oath of the Crimson Flame

I, as a member of the Crimson Flame, do pledge my life and soul to fight against the Burning Legion and their minions mortal and demonic.

I will always protect those who are too weak to defend themselves. I will fight the Bloodlust and cleanse those infected. I will take no pleasure from killing; only grim satisfaction that my job is done.

I will stand against the Scourge. I will defend my brothers and sisters of the Flame to the last.

I will never betray the Flame, for they are my family. All ties I had before are sundered by this oath.

I will stand firm where others fall back, fight where others surrender, and believe in hope where all others have doubt.

I am of the Crimson Flame. I fight the fires of the Burning Legion with fire. I am a candle in the darkness of despair, and I am the doom of those who would destroy our world.

This I swear by my blood and soul. I am of the Flame, now and forever more.