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June 17th, 2006

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08:52 pm - Recommended Addons
Greetings, Flame. There's a couple of addons that I recommend the entire guild download and install. The first is Guild Event Manager. This is an easy in-game way of scheduling things like instance runs, guild meetings, and eventually raids.


Since GEM can be a little confusing at first (especially the initial configuration) I'll guild you through it. After installing the addon you'll notice a new button attached to your minimap. Click it to open GEM.

First, we need to get out of the default channel and subscribe your GEM to the Flame's channel so that our GEMs can exchange information with each other. Select the Options tab.

Let's enter in our channel's information.

The only part that has to be the same for everyone is the channel name and password - "crimsonflame", no password. The other parts are up to you. "Alias" is how chat in the channel will be tagged, so for example if Aly says "Greetings." in this chan, I'll see it in my chatlog as "[Crimson Flame] [Alyriina] Greetings." Slash is self-explanatory; I'll type /f to enter a message in the channel. You can make yours whatever you want. Click Add when you're done.

Get rid of the default channel, and you're good to go. Now that you're subscribed to our GEM channel, you'll be able to use the other tabs.

The Members tab provides a list of those subscribed to crimsonflame. Note that "Guild" is one of the columns; while this is called "Guild Event Manager" you can have anyone subscribed to your GEM channel, so if we opted to form an alliance with another guild or guild(s) at some point in the future we could get everyone on this system, making it easy for all of us to communicate with each other and schedule runs & raids.

The New tab. Self-explanatory. The drop-down next to the "Where" field provides a list of all the instance names in WoW, since that's what you're most likely scheduling an event for. If you already know who's participating in the event (if you handled sign-ups on the LJ, for example), you can use the Auto-members feature to have them on the roster right off the bat, eliminating the need for them to add themselves.

The Events tab will show you all the currently scheduled events and allow you to control events you've created or subscribe to others' events.

Upon selecting an event, more information and functionality will be visible. Especially useful is the "Invite all" button - especially for raids - which allows the group/raid leader to send out invites to all subscribed players with one click.

GEM is indispensible for the 5-guild alliance I play with on Stormrage, and I think we'll find it just as handy. Note: If you're in the channel "crimsonflame" and you don't have GEM installed/enabled your chat will be flooded with GEM's "internal" communications on that channel.

The second addon I'm recommending for everybody is called MyRoleplay.


This will allow you to enter a wealth of additional information about your character on the character sheet, including middle/last names, title, nickname, house/clan/tribe, physical description, and brief backstory. It also allows you to set 'flags' for your RP status: whether your style is totally in-character with no OOC at all, partial OOC, etc, and whether you're currently roleplaying or not. Additionally it will reformat player tooltips to include some of this information, so when you mouseover me you won't just see

Level 2 Night Elf Hunter (Player)

you'll see

Aranthael Stormstrike
Master Hunter

Honoured of "The Crimson Flame"

Normal roleplaying style
Playing in character

Level 2 Night Elf Hunter

You can even have MRP replace character level in the tooltips and instead say things like "Evenly Matched" or "Hopelessly Superior" to let you know how powerful a person is compared to you, if you want to give up details like that for the sake of immersion.

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Date:June 18th, 2006 04:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Aranthael.

Flame, I agree with his assessment that this tool will be useful to us all. Have these two addons, Vent, a headset with mic, and be at least level 30 by our next meeting.

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