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July 25th, 2006

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06:25 pm - Vent!
Well, the Crimson Flame are finally the proud owners of a Ventrillo server.

I ended up getting it from Clanncomms.net, the voice server division of Trinity Gaming. I asked around a bit on both the WoW forums and the Vent website's forums, and I never heard anything bad about them. Plus, they just struck me as very proffessional, and more importantly, they had a really good sale going on this month, and I decided to take advantage of it.

Now, I only ended up getting a 24 slot server. Originally I intended to get a 50 slot one, since that would mean we wouldn't ever need to expand until AFTER we were large enough to start raiding, and even then we'd still have enough slots for the raid, whether we had more total members than that or not. But frankly, setting up a vent server is simple as hell, and there is no sense in paying for something we don't need yet, right? Besides, we still have plenty of room to expand before that'll be obsolete; the highest number of people I think I've EVER seen on is 8. And, of course, the sale I was talking about only applied to 10, 24, and 100 slot servers.

There's one more reason for that decision, though. Whenever we do need to expand, I was planning on going with nrgservers.com. Whenever I asked which server people were using, that was always the most common answer. And if everyone's doing it, it can't be ALL bad, right?

However, the real reason it's the most popular server is because it's the cheapest; 10 dollars a month for a 50 slot server. As you all know, most gamers are pretty hard up for money, so is it any wonder it's the most popular? As far as their quality, I've heard a few negative statements, but nothing REALLY bad. Basically, a few people have complained about occasional lag spikes, but they all say that despite that, the servers are good about never actually going down which is the main thing I'm concerned about, and those spikes are pretty rare.

So basically, I was thinking we could start off with the higher quality server, as long as their having a deal anyway. Then someday down the road, we'll try out nrgservers, and since we'll have had experience with the one that's supposedly better, we'll know whether that one is really all that bad or not. Like I said, setting up a vent server is remarkably simple.

So, on to the important stuff... Our actual connection information!

Port: 4790

I didn't include a password to connect to it. That seemed like something of a waste of time, especially since we should be able to see if anyone we don't know logs on. If that's a problem for anyone, though, it's easy to change. And anyone who thinks they might need to know the administrative password, *cough*liz*cough* just let me know and I can share that.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

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