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December 20th, 2006

09:30 am - Flame
Thank you for welcoming me back to the guild with open arms. I am happy to be back among friends, and wish to get back into the daily grind of things. Plus, everyone needs another rogue...*stabbystabbystab* till we meet again, I will be in this mundane RL crap till I can awaken from the Emerald dream. Ariann
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December 14th, 2016

12:16 pm - FAQs for the Crimson Flame
Do you have a tabard?
Yes. Our tabard is black with a crimson flame on it. Original, isn't it?

How long has this guild been around?
Almost two years. We originally started on the Sargeras PVP server, but a few months ago transferred the entire guild to the Emerald Dream RPPVP server, as it fits our playstyle far better.

Do you have Ventrilo or Teamspeak?
Of course. We have a guild Vent server, the information for using it is on our Guild Information tab in-game.

How large is your guild?
Currently, we have around 40 guildmembers, ranging in level from 6 to 60. We are currently recruiting for more, but we focus on quality of potential guildies, rather than quantity.

Eventually, we would like to be a 200+ member guild, doing full end-game PVE and arenas.

What are your requirements for joining this guild?
That is a many-faceted question. We understand many guilds have time requirements or spec requirements; we have neither. We understand that your real life comes before gaming. Many of our members are military servicemen and women, parents with small children, or college students; therefore, we understand that oftentimes, the real world intrudes on your journeys in Azeroth. Consequently, we do not require any minimum facetime.

As for specs, we feel it is your choice how you wish to spec your character. We may suggest, as many of us have been playing the game for a long time, a different way to spec or train, however, they are just suggestions and you are by no means required to do so. We have Shadow Priests, Subtlety Rogues, Feral Druids, Retribution Paladins, and Elemental Shamans. We don't care if other people don't like your spec, you're cool with us.

Our only real requirements are that you follow the rules and type where we can understand you. Basic attention to grammar and spelling is always appreciated.

So, what are your rules?
Rule # 1: Don't be a dick. It's pretty simple. Your character can be an ass, you can't. We consider /s (say) and /y (yell) to be fully in-character; we consider /t (tell or whisper) and /p (party) to fully out of character, and /g (guild chat) to be a random mixture of both. When you are running with other guildmates or in a pick-up group, you represent our guild, and we are NOT assholes. Well, maybe we are, just a little bit. But we are not bodycampers, ninja-looters, lowbie gankers, kill stealers, or otherwise griefers. We don't start fights. And that brings me to rule #2.
Rule #2: Don't start fights. However, feel free to finish them. What we mean by that is you do not strike first. You may defend lower-level characters that are being killed (provided they didn't start it and are being attacked by higher-level characters), defend the zone you are in (meaning, if the opposing faction is attacking guards or other NPCs, feel free to defend them if you wish), or defend yourself, of course. Killing civilians is grounds for guild expulsion. Ganking lowbies (any opposing PC that is grey to you) is grounds for guild expulsion. (Exceptions are only made for guilds we are considered at war with. Then gank with impugnity.)

Hey! But we're on a PVP server!
Damned skippy. We're all for murdering and killing people who are assholes, so feel free to gank the gankers.

We're not "Care Bears". We're just not going to perpetuate the problem.

Then what's the guild's stance on PVP and battlegrounds?
It's your call if you want to spend the time in the BGs. However, keep this in mind:

For every rank you rise in PVP, you must spend at least two in-game hours helping lowbies, from our guild or not. This means running people through Stocks, Wailing Caverns, or whatever. Standing around in lowbie areas giving away free lowbie enchants, potions, or gear. Helping lowbies with escort quests. Whatever you choose to do for your "community service", it still has to get done.

Unfair? We don't think so. To us, it's a reminder that we all were lowbies once, and maybe someone being nice to them will keep them from being dicks later on in the game.

Further, from a roleplaying standpoint, our guild believes that giving community service helps to stave off the Blood Lust. (See below for Roleplaying information.)

What about Endgame?
Right now, we're too small and mostly too low-level to do end-game instances and raids. Many of our higher-level characters have forged alliances with other raiding guilds so they can jump in on an MC run or two.

Eventually, we plan on doing all the end-game instances. But we have to build the foundation first, and the foundation starts with you.

So, you say you're a moderate RP guild. What's the Guild Storyline?
The short end of it is that we are a mercenary band of outlaws, bandits, malcontents, and other riffraff who in general don't get along with the rest of the native population.

Why? Well, because somewhere along the line, a handful of our people realized that the majority of Azeroth's citizens have been infected with a version of the Bloodlust that up until recently affected the orcs. The Burning Legion is manipulating events to cause the two factions to war with each other and ignore the Legion's goal of the destruction of our world.

Slowly gathering like-minded individuals, the supicious and paranoid founders of the Flame instituted a "Blood Oath" that simultaneously guarentees absolute loyalty to the Flame, and provides a vaccination against the Blood Lust.

The Flame are the "anti-hero" types, fighting for justice and truth and all that "goody goody nonsense", but doing so in ways that would shock, disgust, and astound those in power. The Flame is not afraid to take risks, and does not believe in collateral damage, which has led to some altercations with many of those in power. Any member of the Flame is considered to be "Wanted" by the powers that be, for whatever reason (or just because they signed up).

Oddly enough, no one seems to get arrested... and certain guildmembers seem to have connections that maybe they shouldn't...

Do I need any specific add-ons or anything?
Yes, we expect the use of two of them:
My Roleplay: used for putting in important bits about your backstory and character information
Guild Event Manager: which we use to schedule guild instance runs and roleplaying events

We also heavily encourage the following:
Lore: used for speaking and understanding different languages of Azeroth
CTMod: very useful for raids and instances
Decursive: for Mages to uncurse people

Also, you're encouraged, though not required, to create a character-specific Livejournal and join our Livejournal community.

NEW!Do you have a guild website and forums?

We have a guild website, but it's currently down.

We do have guild forums, hosted by GuildPortal. Click here to join them.

What is your stance on alts?
Go for it.

You can't have more than 2 alts in our guild, however.

What are the Guild Ranks and responsibilities and how do you get promotions?

Officer Ranks:
Lady of Chaos/Horde Attache - Guildmaster of Alliance and Horde respectively. The Lady of Chaos is the overall guild master.
Group Leader - A group leader is the second highest rank, and they are able to recruit, train, promote, kick, demote, lead instance runs and raids, and otherwise hold things together in the absence of a guildmaster.
Officer - An officer is the third highest rank, and they are able to recruit, train, promote, kick, demote, lead instance runs, and otherwise hold things together in the absence of a guildmaster or group leader.
True Soul - A True Soul has proven their worth as a Knight and serves the Flame by leading instances runs, training new recruits, and occasionally recruiting.
Crimson Knight - The Crimson Knight is the lowest ranking officer. They train new recruits while learning their roles and responsibilities as an officer.

Member Ranks:
Full Member - A Full Member has proven their worth to the Flame and is entitled to all rights and privledges. They may assist officers with recruiting and training.
Blooded - A Blooded member has particpated in and finished three full instance runs to the satisfaction of their guildmates.
Unblooded - A Unblooded member is currently working on their full instance runs to become Blooded.
Oathbound - An Oathbound member has made it through their trial period satisfactorily.
Oathtaker - A trial or new member of the Crimson Flame.

We'll add more information as people ask questions. Feel free to post a comment with another question if you have it, and we'll do our best to answer it quickly.

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July 26th, 2006

10:34 am - Paperwork
Well, I'm sorry I've been out of pocket, but I'm here now.

I have a stack of paperwork to sign (as if taking a blood oath to the Flame isn't enough...) for everyone here. Hurry up and get over here and sign it.


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July 25th, 2006

06:25 pm - Vent!
Well, the Crimson Flame are finally the proud owners of a Ventrillo server.

I ended up getting it from Clanncomms.net, the voice server division of Trinity Gaming. I asked around a bit on both the WoW forums and the Vent website's forums, and I never heard anything bad about them. Plus, they just struck me as very proffessional, and more importantly, they had a really good sale going on this month, and I decided to take advantage of it.

Now, I only ended up getting a 24 slot server. Originally I intended to get a 50 slot one, since that would mean we wouldn't ever need to expand until AFTER we were large enough to start raiding, and even then we'd still have enough slots for the raid, whether we had more total members than that or not. But frankly, setting up a vent server is simple as hell, and there is no sense in paying for something we don't need yet, right? Besides, we still have plenty of room to expand before that'll be obsolete; the highest number of people I think I've EVER seen on is 8. And, of course, the sale I was talking about only applied to 10, 24, and 100 slot servers.

There's one more reason for that decision, though. Whenever we do need to expand, I was planning on going with nrgservers.com. Whenever I asked which server people were using, that was always the most common answer. And if everyone's doing it, it can't be ALL bad, right?

However, the real reason it's the most popular server is because it's the cheapest; 10 dollars a month for a 50 slot server. As you all know, most gamers are pretty hard up for money, so is it any wonder it's the most popular? As far as their quality, I've heard a few negative statements, but nothing REALLY bad. Basically, a few people have complained about occasional lag spikes, but they all say that despite that, the servers are good about never actually going down which is the main thing I'm concerned about, and those spikes are pretty rare.

So basically, I was thinking we could start off with the higher quality server, as long as their having a deal anyway. Then someday down the road, we'll try out nrgservers, and since we'll have had experience with the one that's supposedly better, we'll know whether that one is really all that bad or not. Like I said, setting up a vent server is remarkably simple.

So, on to the important stuff... Our actual connection information!

Port: 4790

I didn't include a password to connect to it. That seemed like something of a waste of time, especially since we should be able to see if anyone we don't know logs on. If that's a problem for anyone, though, it's easy to change. And anyone who thinks they might need to know the administrative password, *cough*liz*cough* just let me know and I can share that.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

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02:06 pm
I sit quietly here, waiting for your company friends, I hope to see you all soon


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July 8th, 2006

11:08 pm - Annoying song for VC Run
In honor of the overly long DM/VC run Myself(Dardrae) Lirann, Elfeny and Greenblossom had tonight I have written the following song;

Song to the tune of the lamb chomp's song that never ends.

This is the raid that never ends,
It goes on and on my friend,
Some Players started running it not knowing what it was,
And they'll keep running it forever just because,




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July 7th, 2006

01:28 pm - Realm transfers...
I just figured I would point out to any members who don't regularly check the WoW website that Sargeras is now eligible for the paid character transfer service.

Yesterday Alyriina, Haxis, and I were discussing the merits of possibly moving characters to an RPPvP server. Hard as it might be to believe, since we were leveling so slow at one point (and no, it wasn't just you Aly :op) this guild was actually first formed back before the RPPvP realms were around. Not LONG before, admittedly, and maybe we should have made the switch back then, when the few members we had were still in their teens, but hindsight is 20/20. Yes, I know it's probably a waste of money, considering that most of us are still fairly low level. But at the same time I do think that a big part of what's holding the guild back is the fact that we're a very RP-centric guild on a straight PvP server. I really think we could grow a lot more easily elsewhere.

Plus, hopefully I'd only feel like killing all the stupid punk kids every 15 minutes instead of every 2. That would seriously boost my productivity. And maybe, if I was really, really lucky, most of the rest of the people around would feel the same way, instead of me being one of the few points of light in a sea of idiocy. I know that's asking a lot, but a guy can dream, right?

Anyway, I'm by no means saying we need to do this. But I did want to throw the idea out there, and see what everyone has to think. Should we even bother at all? Should we try to roll new characters on one? What level do you think it would be before transfering over would be a waste of time? Which server should we go to if we did? What do you think would be the benefits and drawbacks of doing something like this? Am I just admiring how green the grass is on the other side of the fence? You know, stuff like that.

Another idea I brought up was setting up a "Move The Flame" fund for guildees who want to take advantage of the service, but can't afford it. I mean money, not gold. I know I'd be more than willing to contribute.

So, anyway, any thoughts?

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June 28th, 2006

05:04 pm - GEM Update
GEM 2.09 has been released, updating it for patch 1.11 and fixing several bugs. Please upgrade your copy as soon as possible. Also, make sure to click on the Guild meeting event Alyriina put up and hit 'Subscribe' if you plan on attending (this adds your name to the list so the event's creator knows you intend to participate) - the last time I was on I noticed that several people hadn't yet done so.

GEM download

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June 21st, 2006

03:27 pm - Running VC this weekend
Greetings Flame,

This weekend I will be running through VC with Dardrae to get him some EXP and drops. If any of you all would like to run through with us, send me a message in game, or reply to this journal. (It also might help if a certain Human Warrior by the name of Haxis would help...) May Elune's grace be upon you all, The Rogue Lirann
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June 17th, 2006

08:52 pm - Recommended Addons
Greetings, Flame. There's a couple of addons that I recommend the entire guild download and install. The first is Guild Event Manager. This is an easy in-game way of scheduling things like instance runs, guild meetings, and eventually raids.


Since GEM can be a little confusing at first (especially the initial configuration) I'll guild you through it. After installing the addon you'll notice a new button attached to your minimap. Click it to open GEM.

First, we need to get out of the default channel and subscribe your GEM to the Flame's channel so that our GEMs can exchange information with each other. Select the Options tab.

Let's enter in our channel's information.

The only part that has to be the same for everyone is the channel name and password - "crimsonflame", no password. The other parts are up to you. "Alias" is how chat in the channel will be tagged, so for example if Aly says "Greetings." in this chan, I'll see it in my chatlog as "[Crimson Flame] [Alyriina] Greetings." Slash is self-explanatory; I'll type /f to enter a message in the channel. You can make yours whatever you want. Click Add when you're done.

Get rid of the default channel, and you're good to go. Now that you're subscribed to our GEM channel, you'll be able to use the other tabs.

The Members tab provides a list of those subscribed to crimsonflame. Note that "Guild" is one of the columns; while this is called "Guild Event Manager" you can have anyone subscribed to your GEM channel, so if we opted to form an alliance with another guild or guild(s) at some point in the future we could get everyone on this system, making it easy for all of us to communicate with each other and schedule runs & raids.

The New tab. Self-explanatory. The drop-down next to the "Where" field provides a list of all the instance names in WoW, since that's what you're most likely scheduling an event for. If you already know who's participating in the event (if you handled sign-ups on the LJ, for example), you can use the Auto-members feature to have them on the roster right off the bat, eliminating the need for them to add themselves.

The Events tab will show you all the currently scheduled events and allow you to control events you've created or subscribe to others' events.

Upon selecting an event, more information and functionality will be visible. Especially useful is the "Invite all" button - especially for raids - which allows the group/raid leader to send out invites to all subscribed players with one click.

GEM is indispensible for the 5-guild alliance I play with on Stormrage, and I think we'll find it just as handy. Note: If you're in the channel "crimsonflame" and you don't have GEM installed/enabled your chat will be flooded with GEM's "internal" communications on that channel.

The second addon I'm recommending for everybody is called MyRoleplay.


This will allow you to enter a wealth of additional information about your character on the character sheet, including middle/last names, title, nickname, house/clan/tribe, physical description, and brief backstory. It also allows you to set 'flags' for your RP status: whether your style is totally in-character with no OOC at all, partial OOC, etc, and whether you're currently roleplaying or not. Additionally it will reformat player tooltips to include some of this information, so when you mouseover me you won't just see

Level 2 Night Elf Hunter (Player)

you'll see

Aranthael Stormstrike
Master Hunter

Honoured of "The Crimson Flame"

Normal roleplaying style
Playing in character

Level 2 Night Elf Hunter

You can even have MRP replace character level in the tooltips and instead say things like "Evenly Matched" or "Hopelessly Superior" to let you know how powerful a person is compared to you, if you want to give up details like that for the sake of immersion.

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